Guideline to supplying your Press Ready PDF

- Tuesday, July 09, 2013


In the printing world the quality of the supplied print ready files has just as much influence on the final result as the craftsman operating the press. Supplying a file which doesn't check all the boxes can have detrimental results, costing both time and money.

So what are the boxes you need to check? Glad you asked! Here is the Fast Proof Press Guideline to Supplying Your PDF.
If you have any questions about the best way to set up your files please contact our Prepress department on 07 5578 4722


Weighing It Up

- Wednesday, June 12, 2013


Did you know that there is a magic formula to help you work out the weight of your project before it's printed? While Fast Proof Press are always more than happy to produce mock ups on your selected stock, but we understand that sometimes there just isn't enough time, or your client needs to know now if adding an additional 8 pages is going to send their postage costs through the roof, or you need to know right this very moment if choosing a 170gsm stock over a 150gsm stock is going to affect your delivery costs. Whatever the reason you just need to know NOW!

It's ok, don't panic here is the formula. The hardest thing about this will be deciding which stock will compliment your amazing design!

Height (expressed in metres eg. A4 is 0.297m) x width (.210m) x grammage (eg. 150gsm) x number of leaves at this size (eg. 2pp = 1 leaf) = weight of paper.
So, the weight of a Booklet with the following specifications:
210 x 210mm finished size   4pp cover plus 52pp text   300gsm cover, 150gsm text.

Cover:  .210 x .420 x 300 x 1= 26.46
Text: .210 x .210 x 150 x 26 = 171.99
Total= 188.45
...so if you round up, the weight of your booklet would be 189 grams.

Paper Grows On Trees

- Monday, June 03, 2013

There are a lot of interests competing for marketing dollars today. As a result, the myth of print not being environmentally friendly has been very well promoted. The print industry, in fact, is not only environmentally friendly but is one of the most sustainable industries around. The industry makes tremendous investments in applying renewable energy sources and creating environmentally friendly supplies.

This short video from International Paper compares factors in the manufacture and disposal of e-products and paper.

Fast Proof Press. The Brand

- Monday, May 27, 2013

Fast proof press
Progressive print

At the end of 2012 our Directors decided that it was time to re think the Fast Proof Press brand. "We needed a brand that reflected our ability to provide clients with the latest technological advances, combined with our knowledge and experience, to deliver powerful print materials in a digital era" 

With more than 30 years experience Fast Proof Press is a leader in innovation in the printing industry. Local Gold Coast brand specialists Pluvo were approached to create a new brand identity that would reflect this.

“We wanted to make an impression - literally!" said Pluvo Director Mark Goudie. "Based on this idea, we explored options for a logo icon which resembled printing in its a basic form. Using solid shapes and line work, we fused the letters F and P to create a solid icon. In order to get a little more in touch with possible outcomes for the Fast Proof Press identity, we hand crafted a 3 dimensional logo out of wood.
This process of creating the logo block from something tangible, using manual skills gave us an opportunity to step outside the box and have some fun with this brand. We see print as something very exiting; a method of communication that is hardly ever the same, is constantly progressing and changing. The print process gives the artist the freedom to communicate in ways that are completely unique to each individual.”

Here is the new brand created for Fast Proof Press, an iconic Queensland printer.