Weighing It Up

- Wednesday, June 12, 2013


Did you know that there is a magic formula to help you work out the weight of your project before it's printed? While Fast Proof Press are always more than happy to produce mock ups on your selected stock, but we understand that sometimes there just isn't enough time, or your client needs to know now if adding an additional 8 pages is going to send their postage costs through the roof, or you need to know right this very moment if choosing a 170gsm stock over a 150gsm stock is going to affect your delivery costs. Whatever the reason you just need to know NOW!

It's ok, don't panic here is the formula. The hardest thing about this will be deciding which stock will compliment your amazing design!

Height (expressed in metres eg. A4 is 0.297m) x width (.210m) x grammage (eg. 150gsm) x number of leaves at this size (eg. 2pp = 1 leaf) = weight of paper.
So, the weight of a Booklet with the following specifications:
210 x 210mm finished size   4pp cover plus 52pp text   300gsm cover, 150gsm text.

Cover:  .210 x .420 x 300 x 1= 26.46
Text: .210 x .210 x 150 x 26 = 171.99
Total= 188.45
...so if you round up, the weight of your booklet would be 189 grams.